Midtown Date Night

Plan your perfect date in Midtown Houston!

Mixing it up Night

Begin at happy hour. Wooster’s Garden at 3315 Milam St. is a great start. Try the avocado fries. Walk five blocks over to the Inman Gallery for a complete change of pace. This nationally recognized gallery is small but worth exploring. Doors close at 6pm. Jump on the METRORail at Ensemble HCC northbound and get off at the McGowen Northbound station. Stop by Mongoose vs. Cobra on McGowen St. and select from the blackboard menu listing some unique beer options. The “Midnight Special” pretzel with cheese, chili and bacon will go well with anything you’re drinking. Cross the street to Houston’s oldest bar, Leon’s Lounge and you’ll find hidden alleyway seating and vinyl on the turntable. Leon’s is open every night.

Dressed to the Nines

Valet park at Artisans at 3201 Louisiana St.. Their foie gras is a true delight. Sip a glass of something bubbly. Or make arrangements to join the Chef’s table and overlook all the kitchen action at this 2015 Open Table Diners’ Choice award-winning restaurant. Take Uber over to The Ensemble Theater. The theater has been presenting some of the finest performances in the country for over 35 years. They always sell out so go get your tickets first. About 11pm take Uber to the corner of Caroline St. and Anita St. to 13 Celsius. Along with the extensive selection of wine and beautifully prepared cheese plates, S’mores are offered tableside at this European wine bar and café complete with candlelit tables.

Super casual

Axelrad Beer Garden at 1517 Alabama St. is a great outdoor bar space. Craft beer is served in a 100-year-old building. From METRORail’s Ensemble station, hop on a B-Cycle at the B-Station at 3512 Main St. and pedal the three blocks over to Axelrad. The hammock is a perfect place to put your feet up. They share a patio with Luigi’s Pizzeria (famous for their white pizza). To conclude your evening, pedal over to Baldwin Park whose history includes a wife’s double-dealing and forging of wills, her husband’s murder and the founding of Rice University.

Dating on a Dollar

The Original Spec’s (often called “Big Spec’s”) on Smith St. is an inventive choice for a cheap date. Wander through the gift, beer, wine and liquor aisles and take in the huge selection of gourmet cheeses, sausages, crackers and chocolates. Free samples await  if you’re stopping by on a Saturday. Select a bottle of vino for under $10 and head up the street about four blocks to District 7. It’s BYOB. If you choose the braised beef short rib sandwich with bacon coleslaw and grilled poblano pepper, you’ll be pretty close to paradise.

Eight-hour Date

Your evening begins at Natachees Supper n’ Punch at 3622 Main St. for dinner. The chicken fried chicken and a double order of okra and tomatoes could give you just what you need to kickstart a long night out. Midtown’s Art & Theatre Center Houston, or MATCH is two blocks away. Enjoy their groundbreaking performances and follow it up with dancing at the Continental Club (after 10pm) and Alley Kat for a nightcap. DoubleTrouble Caffeine and Cocktails really isn’t any trouble at all and offers coffee and cocktails and coffee cocktails to end an exceptional evening.